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Learn The Insider Advantages To A Online Home Business Versus A Traditional Off Line Approach

Online businesses and on-site (real world) businesses are definitely distinct from on another despite their similarities. This is because the communities in which they each thrive are different from one another, suggesting that the nature, usefulness and function relies primarily on the environment in which it was designed and constructed.

Because these communities are different from one another, the businesses within each will have certain advantages over those businesses in the other communities. Online business opportunities that have strong online business systems that are duplicatable that anyone can literally plug into and follow the pattern are extremely successful when researched appropriately.

When doing a search for an online business or opportunity you will be overwhelmed with the options and research available. Most importantly, it is important to notice the following advantages that an online business have over an on-site business.

One of the main advantages of online businesses is minimal overhead. Land tax and expenses associated with electricity, heating, and other utilities necessary to maintain any physical location (such as a plant, store or factory) are virtually non-existent because the entire business itself is situated in cyberspace. Only monthly host site fees, business taxes, and electricity bills needed for powering the computer system are expected, aside from merchandising and marketing (advertising).

This means that because overhead is minimized, more funds can go into the business itself.

Another advantage of online businesses over on-site businesses is minimized space. Internet stores consist of multiple pages covering business mission, disclaimer, registration, order interactives, condensely organized product presentation, and even forums for technical support where replies are posted for everyone to see at any time (no one need have to remember what a particular representative has said regarding a particular service or piece of merchandise. Others contributions add to the insight).

Because the business is online, anyone wanting to shop only need to switch on the computer, go to a search engine and enter certain keywords (or enter a web address, if available, into the field), and go to the site any time of the day or night and browse through everything without leaving home.

It is a tremendous advantage to have a business online and knowing that your business is open and being advertised 24/7 while you are out enjoying activities with the family, sporting events and sleeping. It is not limited to only the number of hours that a physical store would be open and where you physically had to be there to greet customers.

This lease to yet another advantage of online businesses: inquiries into services or product orders can be made instantly through the integration of interactive software. If queries are made, support can come almost immediately. Receipts for orders are sent right away to personal email accounts where they can be stored away. The significance of this is the convenience of quick and easy accomplishment of the processes involved.

Finally, one should not forget that online businesses are accessible from all over the world, ensuring that business dealings will be expanded on a daily basis compared to on-site businesses, which are limited to local or regional areas. People in Japan or Russia, for instance, can see the product line of an online business set up by a single American mother of three who is operating her venture from her small apartment somewhere in central U.S.A. With online businesses, services and clientele possibilities are virtually endless all the time.

The Internet highway is a compact yet sprawling environment where millions travel all day every day. Any business will find ongoing pleasure and growth here because of the sheer density of its traffic.

Starting an online business and researching the right opportunity is a critical step especially since there are so many options available when seeking out the right opportunity, leaders and turn-key systems and marketing methods to be coached on.

Make sure to have a checklist handy when you are researching a online home business opportunity so you will only have to make the decision once and build a strong business enterprise from day one with strong foundational principles and methods.

Remember even though online business are thriving a great majoring closer to 97% are not finding the original success that they hoped for. You can definitely shorten your learning curve and alleviate some headaches by clearly defining what you are looking for in a online business opportunity.

A checklist may include the following: (check yours against this, ask yourself these questions?)

1.) Turn-key marketing system so you can be coached on online advertising technique.

2.) Websites that are ready for you to plug into so you can generate leads and business

3.) Coaches/Mentors that have the results to assist you. This can shorten your learning curve by years.

4.) Back-office operations

5.) Solid stand alone products that are already in place for you to market today. (this can save you a few years in product creation & development)

6.) Strong compensation model that will pay you for your results today

7.) Residual Income are you looking for an online business where your results today will not only pay you today but for years to come?

Online business have a very strong and profitable advantage over off line on-site business opportunities. You can have your business, marketing, system and turnkey solutions up and running within days.

More importantly by having an online business and advertising working for you 24/7 you can spend time with your family and have the ultimate flexibility. Write your list of what is important for you to find in your turnkey online business.

Make a decision today to start your online business after you attracted everything on your list. There are so many advantages today with the internet that the possibilities for more flexibility and time is there for you.

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Evaluating Your Business For Sale

What is the value of your business? Ask three expert evaluators to come up with a value and there is a good chance they will come up with three numbers that are not close to one another. What is an owner to do when faced with this dilemma?

How did the experts determine the value and why did their final number vary from one another. The reason is simple enough. There are subjective elements to every business evaluation. Each of these experts put a value on the subjective elements that goes along with their personal experience with the business that is being evaluated. This will account for their differences in value. Most business people if they really did get three appraisals would take the highest one and be done with it.

What is needed to make an evaluation

What do the evaluators need in order to come up with a business evaluation? They need access to all of the financial records of the company. They need an inventory list and value based on whatever method is used to get this number. It is usually first in first out prices or last in last out prices. Both are valid means to value an inventory. Projected sales figures and profit can be used to add some value for the future to a present day value. They will also speak to employees, suppliers and competitors to see how they think the company is doing. They will look at what similar businesses have sold for in the last couple of years and at the state of the present economy. These evaluations will always be based on old information and with an ingredient of future prospects. It is this amalgamation of the old and the possible that causes the range of values from different experts.

Every evaluation needs to be heavily weighted to with future numbers or the price will be set to low. It has to take into consideration the prospects for the company and its future business.

With all of these numbers, the professional will use different methods to come up with a price After this is done, the numbers are looked at and a judgment is made as to what one seems to be the most correct. Again this is a subjective decision.

Comparisons of prior sales in the industry

What have other businesses in the same industry sold for and how do they compare with the business that the evaluation is being done on. This information is very helpful and should make the evaluation a little more realistic. These sales comps will set the tone for how other businesses were rated as to their sales and the selling price It should help in setting an asking price that represents the current value of the company.

Where will the company be in three years

Looking at the growth curve of the business and assuming a similar rate of growth in the future, one could come up with where the company will be in three years. If the growth has been stable for a number of years, there is every reason to think it will continue at a similar rate if no drastic changes are made and the customer base continues to grow. With this in mind, the price of the business should take this future outlook into account.

When this is explained to the buyer, then it must be validated with facts and figures that his advisors can peruse. A well-documented presentation will go along way in alleviating doubts and questions about how you came up with your numbers and the asking price.

Intangible factors to be considered

There are some factors that enter into the evaluation of a business that cannot be reduced to shear numbers and accounting sheets. If the business being evaluated has a significant standing in the industry then this is worth something in the price. If they get a large percentage of the available business that is a plus factor for the business. If its reputation is impeccable then that is another factor that is difficult to put into accounting terms. All of these intangibles when added together make the company more valuable than it would seem to be from just the financials. This is why it is important to investigate and questions others about the company. If the business is the result of one strong individual who will not be there when it is sold, then that could present a problem that could be difficult to overcome. Be very careful about this kind of business.

Intangible assets such as these are hard to put a number on unlike the hard assets of the company. Equipment can be valued at a depreciated value, which could then be used to set a foundation for the final price.

Is there going to be an ongoing need for your business

This one question when answered will help with the question of should you buy the business. A plumbing company will always be needed in our civilization. As will an electrical company. A drywall company will probably always be able to find work. Is the business you are thinking of buying a company like one of these or could its business be done away with without any harm. If the business will always be in demand that is a very strong reason to consider its purchase.

Are there high tech innovations that are going to change the business and you have the expertise to make the change. If this were the case, then you would have a leg up on other businesses like yours. These are considerations with profound affects upon whether you should become the owner of not. If you are able to bring the business into the modern age and take advantage of the new technology then you could make the business grow far beyond what it is today. This is the kind of opportunity that every buyer is looking for and few find.


It is highly suggested that a seller bring in a certified business broker to help with the evaluation, the presentation materials and the finding of prospective buyers for the business. Since this is their business then this is something they usually can do far better than a seller can do it. The broker can help a great deal in the negotiations and the final stages of the sale. They have a vested interest in seeing the business sale go through. The most important thing that they can help with is developing the asking price. After helping to set the price they can come up with justification that will stand the eagle eye of the buyers financial experts. This creditable price is the basis for all other negotiations.

The expert business broker can smooth things along and keep the ball rolling in the move to make the sale. Their knowledge and experience can stop delays from happening and their damaging effects. When negotiations stall, then the sale is in jeopardy. This should be avoided if at all possible.

Bringing in the pro solves so many problems and can lead to a successful sale that is completed quickly and at a decent price. Their value cannot be overstated in a business sale.